Anele Mdoda escapes Human Trafficking at Miss SA 2020

Anele Mdoda escapes Human Trafficking Syndicate in Cape Town
Anele Mdoda a renowned South African Disk Jockey, a presenter escaped human trafficking syndicate in Cape Town where the Miss SA 2020 beauty pageant was hosted.

Anele Mdoda Escapes Human Trafficking Syndicate in Cape Town Hotel

The Miss SA 2020 judge Anele revealed that unknown men entered her hotel room with their own keys in a bid alleged to take away the award-winning host.

Mdoda was not in the room by the time and the unknown men had a heated exchange with Anele’s designer. According to Anele’s social media activity, she was booked at The Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town where the incident happened.

Anele Mdoda escapes Human Trafficking in Cape Town Hotel
There is some dodgy shit going down in this Cape Town when it comes to human trafficking. I’m literally wanting footage from my hotel over two men barging into my room, with THEIR own key.

Anele is looking for answers from the hotel management after the incident, she revealed that the perpetrators were not foreigners.

Also it was not foreigners and I was luckily not in my room. My designer was there and had a VERY weird exchange with them before they scurried out. Very very strange. I want answers.

Previously Savannanews reported that a Rustenburg teen escaped death by a whisker when she jumped out of her kidnappers’ car while it was moving.

The young girl narrowly escaped kidnappers in a suspected human trafficking attempt, the incident took place at Fields College were the culprits nabbed the girl whom they caught off guard.

When the incident happened the girl was still wearing her school uniform, and they shoved her into their car and sped off.

However, the brave teen reportedly decided to jump out of the moving car in an attempt to escape them. Luckily, her efforts paid off and she got away. However, the girl was left traumatized by the incident.

Anele Mdoda escapes Human Trafficking Syndicate in Cape Town Hotel – Savannanews

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