Katlego Maboe’s reveals deep secrets of their relationship

Katlego Maboe wife Monique Muller tells all in GoBinge interview
Katlego Maboe’s estranged wife will appear in the next episode of GoBinge.

In a teaser shared by the popular gossip YouTube channel, Monique Muller spills the tea on her relationship with Katlego Maboe who has been in the news for the wrong reasons.

In the one minute teaser, Monique suggests that the two started their relationship after a one night stand.

What viewers of GoBinge will be looking forward to is the exact details of the one nightstand. She also speaks on the physical abuse allegations saying she got a restraining order the first time Katlego Maboe hit her.

Katlego has however denied being abusive to his wife Monique Muller.

Monique Muller does an exclusive interview on GoBinge
In the teaser, Monique cries whilst telling the host of the show her experience with Katlego saying the world has allowed him to continue treating her in a bad way.

Monique also speaks on the kind of father that Katlego is. From the leaked video that saw Katlego trend last week, people were able to draw conclusions that his child meant the world to him.

Katlego confessed to cheating with Nikita Murray after he was threatened by his wife with the prospect of not seeing his son ever again. In the teaser shared by GoBinge, Monique confirms that indeed Katlego is a great father.

It seems Monique Muller is not done destroying Katlego Maboe. It remains to be seen if Katlego will rise from this cheating scandal. So far he has been suspended by The Expresso Show pending the outcome of investigations whilst

OUTsurance has started pulling adverts featuring him from TV.

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