Jah Master accused of stealing Mai Vako Vonindida song

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Jah Master accused of stealing ‘mai vako vanondida’ song (Pro Air riddim) from a Gokwe

While still amid heated criticism over recently drop kicking a fan offstage in a karate style the man behind ‘Hello Mwari’ better known as Jah Master seems to have an appetite for non stop controversy.

He is once again being accused of consciously or subconsciously appropriating the compositional skill of Gokwe based artist KaybeeMhk on his recently released track ‘mai vako vanondida’ (Pro Air riddim) which directly mirrors KaybeeMhk’s ‘Vaunoti Mai Vako’ (Club Juniour Riddim) which was produced by Gweru’s Soundrave records in 2015 when they toured Gokwe.

Both songs by JahMaster- Mai vako vanondida (https://youtu.be/EPpmxLyaMwo) and Kaybee- Vaunoti Mai Vako @1:36 (https://youtu.be/YuXpGmwJlgE) depict a situation whereby these man are being tempted into tricky situations by their girlfriend’s mothers and they will be narating the whole ordeals to their ladies .

The differentiating factor between these two might be the energy in JahMaster’s presentation though i personally think KaybeeMHK is a star in painting more vivid pictures as his lyrics are catchy too.

The little known musician alleges that he approached Jah Master for a collaboration sometime last year and sampled some of his tracks to Jah Master with ‘Vaunoti Mai Vako’ included but failed to bring the collab into fruition as the price that baba tichafa charged was too high a bar for KaybeeMHK. Efforts to contact Jah Master for a comment were not successful .

However KaybeeMHK said ,” he was not impressed at all yes i come from a riddiculed area where i might not even be able to showcase my talent to Zimbabwe but that does not give whichever artist in the mainstream to pladgiarise my compositions .

He also stated that its actually a trend and tendency of Hararians , he narrates how at one time he recorded at Tman mount Zion but the track was never released.

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