Things turn bad for John Vuli gate Girls

Social media erupted into a mayhem when the #johnvuligate video broke the internet a few weeks back.

Many people were full of praises for the girls dancing in the video and went so far as creating the #vuligatechallenge. But it seems now that a week later, the girl who was dancing while holding the Russian bear bottle,is now public enemy number one.

Katt Ariana,notoriously known as “the beyonce” or “Faith Nketsi-look-alike”-has been at the receiving end of heavy critism,insults and nasty comments made by bitter Twitter users.

Many Twitter users have come out taking shots at the issue of her wearing the same outfit to the shoot of the Vuli’gate music video and that comparing her looks to Faith Nketsi was a huge insult to Faith.

Although Some people came to her defence, the insults were far too much for the poor lady. It’s sad to see such bullying being so endorsed on social media like this,in 2020.

Many people end up killing themselves when they have been subject to such brutal attacks.

We just hope that she is fine wherever she is and that her mental health is still strong and healthy,because such incidents can scar you for life.

Source: Twitter

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