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Ramaphosa speaks on going back to level 3

PRESIDENT Cyril Ramaphosa poured cold water on rumours that the country would move to level three in light of new and rising infections in recent weeks.

“I don’t want to be an alarmist, but the rumours that we’re going to level three are simply not true. If we ever get there I will be the one to advise the nation,” said Ramaphosa.

He was answering questions at the National Council of Provinces today.

Ramaphosa said the behaviour of those who did not adhere to health protocols was worrying.

He said he received reports on the infection rate earlier today and would want to study the report first before he pronounced on it.

“We will talk about that in the coming week, but for now let’s observe health protocols. We need to adhere to measures particularly now as we move to the fun season In December.

“We have been reading reports about people who are going to parties and becoming super-spreaders. It is of concern as we are approaching December because this is when people will be letting their guards down,” he said.

Ramaphosa said government would also increase the number of commercial crimes courts across the country to deal with the number of people who arrested in connection with the procurement of PPEs.

He said all law enforcement agencies have pulled their resources together and were collaborating in the investigations and to date, the Special Investigative Unit was probing 1 274 contracts across 75 departments and municipalities.

The unit has referred 34 criminal matters to the National Prosecution Authority and contracts amounting to over R200 million have been reversed.

Ramaphosa said once the investigations are completed, a report would be made available on how widespread corruption was.

He said it was pleasing that the agencies were working well together to the extent there would be no need for a commission of inquiry.

He added that he was hopeful there would be a conviction.

Ramaphosa also expressed concern about the incapacity of some municipalities that were not delivering the good service people deserved.

He said these municipalities needed to be empowered and the right people employed to rightful positions.

“We want to turn his ship around. We want the right people occupying positions to drive this. We need to skill those people so that those people deliver services to the people,” he said.-Daily Sun

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