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MSU students hostel burnt down


Fire broke out at Japan hostel U on Saturday 31 October around 16:30 while the occupants of the room where absent , this is believed to be caused by an electrical fault in the room.

At around 16:30 reports came out at Japan that Hostel U was on fire and everyone went there to save what was there in the room because the owners were absent.

The fire is believed to have been resulted from an electrical fault on the adapters in room 12 japan.

Everything in the room was burnt into ashes including blankets and laptops. The fellow students managed to save few properties but it was late.

The Gweru fire services department arrived at the scene and managed to help and put out all the fire completely.

The hostel residents have been relocated to the other rooms for safety and security reasons. Every damage caused by the fire is being taken care of by the institution authorities the Student Affairs.

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