Big Trouble for John Vuli Gate girls

indafrica November 3, 2020
Updated 2020/11/03 at 2:31 PM

The girls from the viral John Vuli gate video are now facing a big problem after disappointing performances.

The young girls from the viral John Vuli gate vuli gate video have disappointed South Africa after two poor performances, the young girls performed at Mzansi insider and Idols SA the people of Mzansi had high expectations but ended up being disappointed making them question their talent.

The girls seemed to be a bit stiff during their performances, they did not seem to enjoy their performances the dance moves were not up to par as people expected some didn’t even believe that they were the same girls from the video, some thought it was just because of having nerves.

This however is a big issue because it can possibly threaten their career if people do not have confidence in them, they may end up just being a trend for the moment we have seen in the past a lot of people who have trended on social media for a moment than disappeared.

Hopefully the young girls will be able to practice their dance moves properly and win back the confidence of South Africans.


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