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LATEST: Details on the Arrest of Sipho Ngobese

#ArrestSiphoPhillipNgobese Calls for the re-arrest of alleged child molester and rapist Springbok Bodybuilder Sipho Phillip Ngobese intensifies after former “Isidingo” actress Makgotso M narrates how the perpetrator raped his 5-year-old grandchildren.

Taking to Instagram, actress Makgotso Monyemokathoe, known as Makgotso M narrated how her father’s friend identified as Sipho Phillip Ngobese raped his own grandchildren.

My friend has made me aware that her father has been sexually abusing her daughter and her sister’s son.

Both children are 5years old.

The doctor’s report showed evidence of physical and sexual abuse.
A week later he was let out on bail.

Sipho Phillip Ngobese is currently a free man while my friends and their children are in hiding in fear of losing their lives.

The Bracken downs SAPS have not been assisting my friends with this but have actually been unpleasant to them.

The perpetrator is a former Springbok Bodybuilder, he is a well-known, respected man in the community.

He’s had a chance to live his life to the fullest while his victims are suffering in hiding.

Reading the abuse story from her friend, a visibly distraught Makgotso M calls for the arrest of her friend’s father Sipho Phillip Ngobese over sexual abuse of minors.

The parent revealed that in August 2020 they noticed strange behavior from their children both 5-year-olds, the girl child become aggressive while the boy started wetting the bed again, a habit he had stopped ages ago.

When the children were questioned, they narrated how they were raped by their grandfather Sipho Phillip Ngobese in full view of each other.

The family took the children to a medical doctor and both tested positive for sexual abuse and placed on ARVs as a precautionary measure.

The perpetrator Sipho Phillip Ngobese was arrested and realized on bail a week later but has ever since started terrorizing his victims.

Actress Makgotso M video narrating the Sipho Phillip Ngobese rape case

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