WATCH: Woman’s b00ty explodes after surgery

Currently trending on social media is a video of a young woman crying uncontrollably after a her backside enlargement surgery gone bad .

The advent of cosmetic surgery has truly been a blessing for those who feel bad about their bodies.

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From hair to toes, it is now possible to rebuild a large part of the body.

Several big celebrities around the world are even flagship of this trend.

If the public has just the opportunity to appreciate the successes of cosmetic surgery, there are just as many camouflaged for these sometimes perilous operations.

The risks are often associated with less expensive options offered by amateurs or less professional surgeons.

Some testimonies are increasingly common on the subject as the history of this unidentified young girl.

Her project to rebuild her backside to please people has turned into a real tragedy.

A video in which she explains her ordeal quickly went viral on the web and there is something… We see her all in tears with both buttocks exploded.

The unbearable images that grow to wonder if the risk was worth it.
Wanting a perfect body.

she surely finds herself deformed for life. An ordeal surely worse than living in an imperfect body.

You can watch the video below (Viewers discretion advised)

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