WATCH: UJ students caught in group $£x party

A group of students from the University of Johannesburg have been caught in a leaked video of group $£*x .

IndAfrica is in possession of the video in question. Where four male students where engaging in $£xual activities with five ladies.

In the video in question two girls are seen sharing one guy yet the other ladies and gents were equally shared amongst each other.

$£x parties are very common in Universities as there is absolute freedom.

The video in question shows that the girls where toxicated while the male students where a bit sober .

The first girl is seen riding the one man seated on a chair as the chain goes on it looks like the party was being hosted in a student’s apartment.

Unfortunately ? we can not post the video on this platform because its very explicit in nature.

However the video has been uploaded on our twitter handle @news_guard.

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