‘Zimbabwe to impose sanctions om USA if elections are not free and fair’

indafrica November 5, 2020
Updated 2020/11/05 at 12:11 PM

As things heat up in the United States Presidential Poll, with the world watching closely the developments, Zimbabweans have come up with their own satiric commentary on the ongoing tensions between the two presidential hopefuls, Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

A local website, PaZimbabwe has come up with a humorous piece alleging Zimbabwe will impose sanctions on the US should there be no free and fair elections.

A preserve, seemingly, for the World’s superpowers who every election in Africa threaten with sanctions should there be no free and fair elections.

Donald Trump is threatening to abort polls or sue over what he terms flawed votes as Joe Biden seems to lead ahead of him.

These tensions, with claims of rigging by the incumbent Trump, are supposedly only witnessed in Zimbabwe with America modelled as the ‘democratic nation’.

Therefore, with such discrepancies in a ‘democratic nation’ Pazimbabwe has come up with this piece.Harare Live publishes it for you below;

{NB: The article does not represent the ZIMBABWEAN GOVERNMENT or ANY REPRESENTATIVE of ZIMBABWE}

Zimbabweans have warned President Donald Trump to respect the will of the people of United States in the election currently underway in that country.

This comes as cases of voter intimidation and suppression have been on the rise in US.

On Sunday a caravan of heavily armed Trump supporters sandwiched a Biden campaign bus on a highway in Texas and attempted to force it off the road.

The Biden campaign eventually cancelled their campaign event because of the threats. FBI has indicated that it is now looking int the issue.

Trump has ratcheted tensions in the country by claiming that elections are rigged and that he will declare himself the winner on election night if he is leading even before all the absentee voters have not been counted.

There has been a massive amount of absentee and early votes in this election because of the covid-19 pandemic. A total of 102 million people had already voted by election day today.

Trump supporters have been arming up in anticipation of violence. The country is teetering on the edge due to the tensions that have been stoked mainly by President Trump.

The irony of the threat from Zimbabwe is that Zimbabwe was slapped with sanctions by USA in 2001 following the violence that rocked the country in the 2000 elections.

The United States has a penchant to slap sanctions on countries that have not held elections to its standards.

A lot of African countries have also been taking a keen interest in how the United States handles its own elections.

This is because of the way US has exerted pressure on Africans on how they hold their own elections;

Ths article was taken from iHarare news but first published by PaZimbabwe

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