BREAKING: Rolls Royce say Ginimbi was shot and car burnt

indafrica November 15, 2020
Updated 2020/11/16 at 11:12 AM

Rolls Royce International reports that Ginimbi & friends were shot dead before the car was burnt into flames – full report and final analysis

Rolls Royce International queries Zimbabwe Police explanation of GINIMBI accident involving one of their top of the range vehicles.

(In image: the wrecked Blue Honda Fit which collided with Ginimbi’s top of the range Rolls Royce)

The High End Car maker (Rolls Royce) said this in an official communique in response to enquiries from the Zimbabwe police as well as from INTERPOL since the ‘main’ accident victim and alleged owner of the Rolls Royce in question Genius Kadungure was recently flagged for ‘Underworld Money laundering’

A team of Rolls Royce manufacturing plants safety experts who analysed images of the accident scene and police investigation reports in the death of a popular Zimbabwean socialite and playboy Genius A.K.A ‘Ginimbi Kadungure in a car accident on Sunday (8 Nov 2020) involving one of their top of the range models, suspect ‘foul’ play.

GINIMBI was driving towards his Domboshava mansion on the northern outskirts of Harare, along Borrowdale Road in one of the following Rolls Royce models (Ghost 2016 model, Ghost 2020 model or Wraith model) when he allegedly collided ‘headon’ with a Blue Honda Fit and then his Rollo veered off the road towards some gum trees (Eucalyptus) found on the sides of that part of the road section and eventually burst into flames.

Rolls Royce points out that all the models which were in possession of Ginimbi (Ghost 2016 or 2020 respectively or the Wraith) are expertly crafted cars that can withstand heavier collision impacts than what happened in this case.

The company asserts that for the minimum price of about each USA$250,000 plus, their vehicles have inbuilt security features among which are minimized inflamability possibilities.

“A Rolls Royce does not catch fire easily nor does it overturn easily” said a company security expert.

After observing and analysing the wreckage of the Rollo and the other vehicle involved in the accident, one other company representative noted that the Honda Fit suffered minimum damages in that only the engine bonnet looks like it was ripped off.

What is questionable is that the windscreen of the Honda Fit is still intact with no cracks at all, which explains why the occupants got away with only shocks and no visible physical injuries at all.

Mystery still shrouds the report that after the collission happened, a passersby hauled a still alive Ginimbi away from the car before it burst into flames burning every other passenger and itself to ashes.

Ginimbi is reported to have died later on from his injuries.

Yet when the police came onto the scene, the ‘Good Samaritan’ who pulled Ginimbi out of the car before it burst into flames was nowhere to be found.

The occupants of the Honda Fit say they were shell shocked to such an extent that they could not do anything except sit there dazzed.

The Rolls Royce experts maintain that the collision must have been ‘staged’ and that Ginimbi and his passengers were shot and their vehicle deliberately set ablaze for one reason or the other.

They insist that occupants of the Honda Fit know the exact circumstances surrounding the death of Ginimbi.

In the meantime Rolls Royce South Africa where Ginimbi bought his models say the African Playboy always paid in cash using hard old (used) $100 bill batches.

He never paid using a BANK Card, Bank Transfers, money orders nor cheques.

Rolls Royce also never asked him his source of income.


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