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Skeem Saam’s Manaka arrested

The arrest of Skhumbuzo Mbatha who plays Maneer Manaka on Skeem Saam.

Viewer favourite Skhumbuzo Mbatha , who plays Maneer Manaka on Skeem Saam seems to have landed himself in a bit of trouble. Mbatha was just being the kind man that he is when unknowingly he became the driver of a get-away car.

Unfortunately, he was arrested on the basis that he was an accomplice the crimes of the lady he gave a lift to this past Sunday.

The events before the arrest
Skhumbuzo was on a night with friends. The actor attended a party and interacted with a number of people one of which was a lady who seemed to have grown bored with the situation.

Not long after he had talked with the lady and moved on from her Mbatha grew bored of the party as well. As he was leaving the lady in question asked if she could catch a lift from and Skhumbuzo Mbatha happily agreed.

The lady asked to be dropped off at Melville which happened to be along the way to Mbatha’s home.

What could have served as a red flag was when the lady asked to pass by another place as they drive home.

This detour did not alarm Skhumbuzo besides the story that the lady fed him was believable. All she wanted to do, she said, was to give someone a parcel at the joint. When they arrived she disembarked and all Skhumbuzo had to do was wait 3 before pandemonium ensued.

The lady returned panting and told the Skeem Saam actor to quickly drive away. Unfortunately Mbatha was too scared or in shock to ask questions or even relay the events to any of his close circle.

Skhumbuzo Mbatha’s arrest
The following day at 1830 a detective by the name on Fanyane Mazibuko came to the Skeem Saam actor’s home to arrest him.

Skhumbuzo Mbatha says that the detective revealed that they used his number plate to trace him back to his house after a case was opened at Jeppe Police Station.

The case was opened by the lady’s estranged husband whose car she had trashed that night. Apparently her mood was soured that night because she was made aware that her husband was with another women at that time.

The joint they passed by was where he was and the lady took the opportunity to smashed the windshield of her husband’s car with a brick as well as scratch the sides with a metal object.

Mbatha was identified as an accomplice through his car.

Here is the facebook post that detailed the events of that fateful Sunday night:

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