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Ginimbi’s father faked will? but forgot this important part

There has been a great amount of trouble that the lawyers of the diciest millionaire businessman and all round personality Ginimbi have been going through.

They had hoped they wouldn’t have to go through such a problem but there is no helping it.

According to what Ginimbi’s father told the lawyers of the diciest, Ginimbi had recently written his will a couple of days before his death but didn’t sign it. He continued to say that according to Ginimbi, he was going to sign it after the party that led to his death.

This then raised a whole lot of questions, his best friend also testified to the fact that Ginimbi had written this will and planned to sign it.

This testimony somehow fits in perfectly with the one given by the father.

The two are surprisingly part of the will that is not signed. This alone has raised numerous red flags that most people do not see.

The father who has been reported to have been distant from the diciest has been awarded about 10% of his assets according to the unsigned will.

This right here can support the motive of faking the will to get a piece of the pie that Ginimbi was never going to give him if he was alive. They both reportedly pushed for the will to be accepted.

The best friend of the diciest has been written as the person who will be inheriting his red Ferrari on this supposed will.

That is another red flag that has everyone wondering what exactly is going on. If you may think this whole thing through, a will is something that is private, it is not shared with anyone except the lawyer that should serve it in case of death.

According to the best friend and the father, they were told about this will and how it was going to be signed in a few days. This just sounds like something is truly fishy.

What would a smart businessman like Ginimbi write and finish his will but never sign it. This all does not add up, there is a very big possibility that the whole will was faked for personal gain.

It has not yet been proven if the will is truly genuine as yet, a meeting will be had on Wednesday the 25th of October with the lawyers and the whole family to find a way forward. All shall be revealed.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think there is something fishy about this will?

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