Mai Moana already taking over Moana’s wardrobe

In a rather shocking development Mrs Amuli mother to the late video vixen and socialite Michelle Moana Amuli has already taken over her late daughters wardrobe.

In a picture that has since gone viral on social media Moana’s mom is seen wearing a dress similar to that of Moana.

This has set tongues wagging because she has been fighting with her ex husband Mr Amuli over their daughter’s property.

The couple has been plunged into nasty wars which have since delayed the burial of their daughter who died in a freaky accident which claimed the life of flamboyant businessman and socialite Genius Kadungure along with Mozambican model Alachia and Malawian businessman cum fugitive Limumba Karim.

The couple doesn’t see eye to eye as they accuse each other of trying to salvage their daughter’s fancy property.

Ironically Mrs Amuli is already seen wearing her daughter’s dress.

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