Mai Moana excluded from Moana’s inheritance?

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After the high court ruling announcing that Ishmael Amuli father to the late video vixen Michelle Moana Amuli, was granted custody to bury his daughter the Islamic way, many are left shocked and have questions to what then happens to Yolanda Kuvaoga, Moana’s mother?

Kuvaoga was an absent mother and according to the law she doesn’t deserve anything from her daughter whom she abandoned when she was just a toddler.

Kuvaoga has already taken over her late daughter’s wardrobe claiming thats how Moana would have wanted it, but the high court ruled otherwise.

It is not clear wether Moana left a will behind or not but the way things are going. Moana’s property might be taken by her father’s side, the Amuli family.

The high court Ruling meant that Kuvaoga had not custody over her daughter theirfore it’s going to be yet another battle to determine if she deserves to get anything from her late daughter’s property.

We will keep you updated as the drama unfolds.

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