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This is what will happen to Ginimbi’s criminal charges

The State has withdrawn charges, before plea, against the late Genius Ginimbi Kadungure who had two pending cases before the court before his tragic death last month.

Kadungures lawyer Brighton Pabwe produced two copies of the late socialite’s death certificate for each record as proof for magistrate Tranos Utahwashe to officially close the records.

Kadungure was facing two charges of tax evasion.

Ginimbi died along his three friends on Sunday, 8 November in a high-speed crash which saw his friends getting burnt beyond recognition.

Mitchell ‘Moana’ Amuli’s burial was buried later after her parents were in a tug of war arguing over how she was going to be buried.

Ginimbi’s secret child was revealed days after his death and his Romeo and Juliet side was revealed.

His mansion will be converted into a hotel , according to his wishes in an unsigned will which his family accepted.

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