Video: Zodwa allows fans to touch her juicy p**sy

Fans Granted To Touch Zodwa Wabantu’s Juicy Pussy.

Zodwa Wabantu’s Instagram wall seems to be showing fans touching her v*gina and rubbing her juicy butt.

In the video the well known dancer is seen dancing while the fans repeatedly stroke her butt while others are sucking her v*gina.

It is said that in the crowd, one of the fans fainted after touching Zodwa’s butt and other fans continued to touch and film the star as she performed her signature risqué dances.

Zodwa previously explained that she is very comfortable if she has to kiss her fans and be touched during her performances, saying she will only stop if she feels uncomfortable.

In a previous report, we explained that Zodwa decided to go back to school. She will be joining Star Quality Performance Arts School in 2021.

She is studying towards acting and performing arts certificate at Star Quality Performing Arts College owned by popular actress and presenter Zinzi Zungu and former Tshisa presenter Miranda.

Speaking on her decision to go back to school, Zodwa WaBantu said, “I’m an entertainer. I enjoy being a part of the entertainment industry.

People have always seen one side of me. I’m ready to start the next chapter of my life.

I’ve always been interested in acting, but I know in order for people to take me seriously, I need to do some training first.

I approached Star Quality Performing Arts College because it’s owned by two young black women, like myself, and explained to them what my dream was.

They encouraged me to study, so I enrolled in the acting college.”

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