See khanyi Mbau’s tattoo on punani

Khanyi Mbau is one to always make the headlines for shocking reasons and the latest one is setting tongues wagging.

Taking to Instagram, the actress and businesswoman posts a pic in a body suit. A tattoo peeks out of the suit making fans commend Khanyi ‘s boldness.

The actress is popular for making bold decisions when it comes to enhancing her body. In an interview, she mentions how she has done a nose job, a boob job and some lip fillers. Mbau is also one of the first few South African celebrities to do the skin lightening procedure.

As she bares all in an interview with Mac G,
Khanyi Mbau explains how she carefully researches the impacts of these enhancements before doing them.

Khanyi Mbau has a tattoo on her punani
Khanyi Mbau is also the original Slay Queen, having married an older rich man on her teens.

The star has expensive taste in men and she serves inspiration to a lot of millennials who are now normalizing Blesser and Blessee relationships.

Although her marriage ends in tears with claims of physical abuse, one good thing that came out of it is her daughter Khanz .

The mother daughter duo has been serving goals lately and we are here for it. Khanyi Mbau‘s new show is taking entertainment industry by storm as she let’s us in on her life and her beautiful relationship with her daughter.

All odds are in the actress’s favor as she is has a thriving show and a Gin on the market.

The lockdown in South Africa however is seeing alcohol sales go down due to the ban imposed. Taking to twitter, she speaks on the ban.

“Was it because law enforcement was out, there was a strict curfew and there were no parties allowed because I doubt that when the president banned the alcohol it made the alcohol disappear. People had alcohol in their homes.

The reason why I am raising this is because it is January, schools are about to open there are families and people that work in the liquor industry that cannot go back to work, earn a living and support their families and make sure that their children go back to school,” Mbau says.

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