Viral video proving Bill Gates Vaccine wants to kill Africans

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It is all over social media that there’s a Corona Virus vaccine that is been implemented to stop and reduce the spread of the virus.

Though it was supposed to be great news for the citizens, there’s a huge debate concerning that on the streets of social media.

The whole debate was fueled by a Video of Dr Robert .O. Young saying this words : There’s too many people on this planet we need to get rid of, in the words of Bill Gates, at least 3 billion people need to die.

So we will just start off in Africa, will start doing our research there. We’ll eliminate most of the Africans because they are worthless, they are not part of this world economy. So they have a right to be taken away.

Though the vaccine that is been made is genuine but because of the statement made by the Robert, South Africans says, that can be a way to kill them. Maybe South African government has signed the contract with Bill Gates to eliminate Africans via the Corona Vaccine that might be introduced.

One tweep said : I consider myself to be reasonably sober minded, rational person. Im no conspiracy theorist.

But there is a lot of things that make me wary about this vaccine. Why are they pushing it so hard on Africans?

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