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Video of woman raping young child

Wonders, as social media users are wagging their tongues in total disappointment and shock after seeing a viral video of a full-grown lady who forced a little boy to mouth her.

Well, after she forced the little boy into such an act coupled with caressing, it is like that was not enough for her, so she holds the boy’s hand to hit her b0rtos.

The video upon hitting online attracted mixed reactions from all walks of life. Many of those privies to the footage shared provocation thought.

While many called out for her arrest, others made mockery at the footage seeing the little boy enjoy what is meant for grown men.

In the video, one could see that while a lady sitting close to them was preventing the little boy from doing that, he rather knock her to allow him to chew the lips.

That clearly seems the little boy at that age was enjoying these lips all this while. the question many asked was why will that lady do that knowing it is bad?


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