Zodwa wabantu punani videos and Pictures

Zodwa Wabantu is not shy to show us her punani. Lets look at Zodwa Wabantu pictures and videos when she showed her punani to the fans.

Zodwa Wabantu hates panties, but Jumps and Exposes punani
Zodwa Wabantu Libram is a controversial character.

She is well known for her dislike for panties and she proudly walks around and performs without one.

Zodwa Wabantu Punani pictures
Green Dress punani picture
Zodwa Wabantu Punani pictures
At Durban July
Zodwa Wabantu Punani pictures
Zodwa wabantu protrudes from a slim pantie
Zodwa Wabantu pictures
Zodwa Wabantu Punani pictures
She is ugly and she loves it

Zodwa talked about her face during the days she rose to fame. A picture of her face was posted on social media and people mocked her resulting in her firing back at her distractors. I will not change myself. This is the way I was created she said. I will happily keep my face as I can not do anything about it.

Zodwa is a business woman

She is a business woman. She doesn’t only depend on performances and appearances to make money. Zodwa launched her own brand of products that she sells such as perfumes and lotions.

Zodwa loves gym

Zodwa wants to maintain herself. Noticing her was getting too loose from overuse, Zodwa underwent a punani tightening procedure that was successfully performed. Keeping in shape is one of her strengths. She looks fit and amazing all the time despite her age.

When she dates, she is not looking for financial security but for real love.

she only dates young men that are way below her age. She also does it to remain independent and to be the boss of the house we presume.

Zodwa Wabantu was deported from Zimbabwe for not wearing panties
She was deported from Zimbabwe in 2017 as the Zimbabwe authorities found it inappropriate for her to perform without a pantie. The police vowed to arrest her she went on stage.

Zimbabweans were not happy in the way their ‘woman of the moment was treated. They even created online petitions to force the government to let Zodwa perform.

Zimbabweans still remember remember with sadness, the anniversary of Zodwa’s trip to Zimbabwe until now.

Zodwa Wabantu Punani videos

Zodwa wabantu punani video: https://youtu.be/v4ISII2f-2c

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