Moana’s sister shares secret screenshots with dead lover

indafrica January 25, 2021
Updated 2021/01/25 at 9:58 AM

tatts_zw Would have loved to come to see you today ..just to tell u i miss you and to tell u i love you and i need you .. It wouldn’t have mattered its your birthday I’m sure it’d have been my day instead cuz me and you were a twin set … I’d kill to see you sitting in front of a drum set boo. I’d kill to hear your voice or see your smile …

I’d kill to sit and listen to your day to day escapades or i want us to argue over who loves who more and i promise i will let you win if it means getting to sleep in your arms one more night … if heaven allowed I would’ve loved to make a heartfelt call today …. just one call to pour my heart out …one call to tell you of the pain and misery …

Lonely nights is a phrase that can’t even begin to describe the feeling I’m feeling without you by my side … nobody said it was easy but they all forgot to tell me it’s going to be this hard …7 January doesnt make sense no more Rest In Peace Scara Happy Birthday too#BringBackMyHeart

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