Ginimbi’s Family in deep serious trouble

Ginimbi Kadungure was the a very wealthy man who had multiple businesses.

He and other girls have recently died in a horrific accident that had everyone talking and sharing their views about.

Apparently the Ginimbi’s family is in trouble with Maona’s family. Maona is one of the girls that were with Ginimbi when they burnt to death in a Rolls Royce.

Michelle “Moana” Amuli ’ family is demanding that Kadungure family pay the funeral costs since she died on their son’s car.

They want $5k for funeral costs, However lot of Ginimbi’s friends and his family did donate to Maona’s family with food and also added money of $3k.

But the family still expects Ginimbi’s family to pay more, They say their daughters funeral costs must be covered by the Ginimbi’s.

Maona’s family had written a list of what they want from the Ginimbi’s family for the funeral. They were at Dove’s to stand in for Maona’s family as they were still busy with arrangements of the funeral.

When they were interviewed they said they are aware of the things that Maona’s family wants like for a metal coffin and burial costs, However they say they can’t cover all of that since it was their son who had money not them and they have met as family members and contributed but it did not come to what Maona’s family wanted.


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