VIDEO: Catholic Priest and Nun caught having S.£x in car

Lockdown Diaries: Roman Catholic does it again as Priest and Nun caught B0NKING in a car.

Rev. Father Gwakunda was caught red-handed while in the act in his Toyota RAV4 vehicle by the roadside by locals who realized an unusual movement in the stationary vehicle.

A priest of the Roman Catholic Church was last night caught having s.e.x with a nun in his car.

Under the Catholic faith, celibacy is generally recognized as a voluntary choice to remain unmarried or engage in any form of s.e.xual activity, usually in order to fulfil a religious vow.

In this sense, one can accurately be said to be practising s.e.xual abstinence as a condition of his or her vow of celibacy.

The Roman Catholic Priest can therefore be said to have broken his vow of celibacy by engaging in the act of patronizing a nun and actually having s.e.x with her.

His conduct has been referred to the Archdiocesan Bishop according to a close sources news that first reported the story.

Source – Pachopisatv

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