Mliswa accused for attempting to Poison ED’s son

indafrica February 7, 2021
Updated 2021/02/07 at 7:55 AM

Temba Mliswa is accused for having had attempted to poison President Mnangwana’s son.

Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa is yet again trending for the wrong reasons.

Following a revelation by his girlfriend about his weird sexual preferences, Mliswa is on a downward spiral of humiliation.
Taking to social media, a twitter user opens a can of worms that leaves masses in awe.

Themba was plotting with his friends in South Africa to poison ED Junior at his sister’s birthday party over the phone but later backed down out of fear. Aiwa ngadzitaurwe nyaya idzi.

I’m sick and tired of munhu anonyepa. And he pretends to love the first family.

If this is true however, Mliswa is digging his own grave. Many call him out for his crooked behavior. Could this be the demise of the Norton MP’s career?

Not a few days after his baby mama exposes him, a degrading bombshell is dropped on social media. An audio of Temba Mliswa bragging about his manhood and bed hopping is makes rounds.

The future looks bleak for Mliswa and he continues to make death threats to those opening his closet of skeletons.

Susan Mutami goes on a rant and posts.

I don’t need phone calls at 0400 hrs asing me to come to the negotiating table. Then it gets topped up with death threats just because I have refused. You people leave me alone.

My twins deserve better. It seems Susan is hell-bent on making the Member of Parliament pay.

Source Savanna News

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