Drama as Three Women Find out they are Dating the Same Guy

Social media has been set ablaze after three women found out on Twitter that they are all dating the same man.

It turned out all three women had met this man on Twitter. It all started when a lady known as Emmilie took to Twitter to celebrate her man whom she met on the social media platform.

She shared the photos of the two of them having a nice time together. She captioned the photos “We met on Twitter”

Little did Emmilie knew that the man was not hers alone as he was also in a relationship with other women he also met on Twitter. She found this out when another woman shared photos of the same man in the reply.

The tweet from the second woman read, “So did we”. She also added a surprise emoji.
A third woman also replied with her own photos she had with the same man. She wrote: “Small world. Us too”
One of the followers responded with the caption, ” The same guy and he looks happy in all of them”

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