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Government Officials will Run Mad like King Nebuchadnezzar; Prophet Chiwenga


Teaching on Sunday, Chiwenga said the pestilence he prophesied about that will kill prominent government people is being fulfilled thus there are now coffins after coffins.

Controversial Apostle Talent Chiwenga says top government officials will go crazy like King Nebuchadnezzar in the bible for failing to humble themselves before God and the people.

This comes following the death of ministers like Joel Biggie Mariza, Perrance Shiri, Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba and Dr Sibusiso Moyo who succumbed to covid-19.

He said the pestilence is a manifestation of the wrath of God on people who live on higher places and believe they are of greater importance.

Chiwenga condemned the fact that some leaders are above the law no ordinary Zimbabwean can report because of fear of death, harassment and torture.

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