Luminista reveals shocking details about Ginimbi’s funeral

indafrica February 10, 2021
Updated 2021/02/10 at 8:02 AM

After almost 3 months since Ginimbi has died, his close friend Luminista Dambusa who also happens to be Warriors striker Nyasha Mushekwi‘s ex has finally addressed why she never publicly mourned Ginimbi or post any tribute or condolence message on all her social media platforms following his death.

This comes after one of her followers asked her during her “CLASS IN SESSIONS WITH LUMI” on Instagram why she never posted any condolences messages when Ginimbi died last year in a high-speed car accident.

Responding to the question posed to her, Lumi revealed that she didn’t mourn Ginimbi publicity because death was very personal to her as such she doesn’t feel the need to broadcast her feelings over personal matters like death.

Many people were shocked when Lumi did not post any news about Ginimbi’s death since they were really close friends. When Lumi last came to Zimbabwe she was hosted by Ginimbi and she also used to attend many of his famous all-white parties.

Here is her full response;
(Image Credit: Mafaro )

Last year, Zimbabweans were plunged into mourning after socialite Ginimbi, popular fitness bunny fitness Mitchelle ‘Mimie Moana’ Amuli died alongside their two other friends Elisha, and Karim in a horrific car accident in Borrowdale, Harare.

The sad untimely death of Ginimbi and Moana left many Zimbabweans at large shattered.-

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