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Zimbabwean woman Racially abused in the UK

A shocking video has emerged online showing an elderly white woman spitting at a domestic worker reflecting the abuse and dignity some Zimbabweans face while working on the diaspora at the hands of racist ‘bosses’.

The unidentified domestic worker is being spate at by a white woman severally.

This has invited condemnation from different social media users and praises for the domestic worker who remains calm while she was secretly recording.


In similar racist incidences, a woman who moved to Ipswich from Zimbabwe more than 15 years ago says racism remains a problem in Suffolk – and even fears some people feel more emboldened to be prejudiced.

Enala Maturure moved to the UK in 2000, aged 17 years old, to work as a carer.

She has been living in Ipswich since 2006 with her four children.

Now 38, she says she and her family still face everyday incidents of racism living and working in the town, despite diversification over recent years.

“The moment I stepped off the plane into Heathrow Airport, I was more aware of my blackness,” she said.

“In Zimbabwe, I was just a girl but here I am a black girl – it is the first thing people see.

“I always knew that, but it didn’t ever set the precedent of who I am.”

When beginning her career, she was forced to call herself Anne because no-one wanted to learn how to say her name.


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