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“I now Want S.e.x Full-time ” – Epworth Teenager quits School

Epworth based High school student said she no longer wants to go back to school and now wants to work full time as a s.e.x worker.
Rutendo Maimbo, (17) was in form 3 when lockdown started and that affected her educational year and this year she is supposed to go in for her final examinations.

However, she shut off that shade of life as she now looks up to commercial s.e.x work.
“I started off s.e.x work when i was 15 but I did it without my mother’s knowledge, though she is now big name in the industry, she never wanted me to be part of this. Since we were in lockdown, she struggled to feed us so I decided to help her and at the same time I was doing my online lessons.

“It seems like we never learnt anything concrete to take to the exam room and worst of all i was not one of those bright students so this is an obvious fail for me. So I think it’s better I just do commercial s.e.x work fulltime and leave school because there’s no hope for me after all” said the teenager.


Rutendo said that she now has a base at the popular s.e.x selling point in Epworth, PaBooster, and she is gaining a ground in Harare avenues because of her customer attracting body.


“I now have my spot pa Booster where my customers find me, and I thank God for my lovely well shaped body I have gained much ground in the avenues” she said.

Closure of schools due to the worldwide pandemic, COVID 19 has made most female students especially from high density suburbs vulnerable to teenage pregnancies, prostitution, early child marriage and STIs.

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