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“I told my husband to remove his shoes,” wife laments after hubby plucks off her eye

In a rather disturbing turn of events, a man from Honde Valley redecorates his wife’s face when she allegedly disrespects him.

Barnabas Zarurayi, feeling his wife Tsitsi Mabweza made him feel less of a man, resorts to violence which results in the later losing her eye. But what kind of a man soils himself to prove he is the head of the family?
After 14 years of marriage, the couple with five children engage in a bedroom brawl over a trivial issue. Narrating the proceedings of the event, Tsitsi has this to say:
“I tell my husband to remove his shoes when he is about to sleep on the bed so that he doesn’t make the blankets dirty and he ignores․ After that he starts using the bedroom as a toilet and when I notice, I try stopping him and he says it is his house and no one can tell him what to do.”

“I tell him that he is not a responsible man because I am providing everything and his duty is to eat to which he starts beating me. He throws me to the walls. I try to run away but he catches me and continuously hits my head on stones resulting in my eye being plucked out. I felt the pain and the best I could do was to scream for help,” she adds.
Witnesses finally manage to quieten the raging tempest:
“I heard Tsitsi screaming for help and when I arrived Barnabas was beating his wife aggressively, pushing her to the walls. After I stopped the fight I went home, without the knowledge that the fight would continue. To my surprise today I heard that Barnabas removed his wife’s eye yet I thought I had stopped the fight,” the witness says.
In defense, Barnabas accuses his wife of disrespect. “My wife is trying to overtake me forgetting that I am the head of the house and I own this house. I don’t remember some of the things which happened to me. I don’t know where the power came from and what I remember is when I said, ‘vadzimu vangu vasvika’ and we started fighting,” he says.

“Later on I was surprised to see my wife’s eye bleeding, then I moved away. The problem is I don’t want people who make me angry, because when I get angry I am not able to control my anger,” Barnabas says.
More witnesses back up Tsitsi’s story leaving Barnabas to hang out to dry.
“Barnabas came from work and passed through the muddy road due to these rains․ So his wife told him to remove his shoes which were dirty and he started boasting that no one should tell him what to do in the house.

“He later on urinated in the bedroom and all over on the floor before the wife confronted him leading to a fight. So the wife further told him that he was only a man in the blankets and he was irresponsible.”
Despite proving Barnabas guilty, no charges have been levelled against him. The couple is still playing house and they have kissed and make up. This however will not bring back Tsitsi’s eye.

Source: savannanews

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