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Man Brutally Attacks Wife after found kissing Step Daughter

A man from Chiredzi identified as Richard Makoni is facing charges of domestic violence after he butchered her wife for finding out about his criss-cross love affair.
Richard Makoni was in secret love affair with her step daughter which lasted for about two years according to the confession of the daughter, Rutendo Mendesi, who uses her maternal surname.

The relationship had been going on underground with the step father, Richard being nice in the name of a Father but taking advantage of the 19 year old step daughter.
Makoni got home earlier from work and found her wife away and the daughter in her study room as she is expecting to write her A Level final examinations this year.

The two used the moment to express their affection and unfortunately the wife returned early as unexpected and found the two in action.
In the processing of asking and shouting to the husband about the heartbreaking moment, Makoni lost his temper and brutally attacked her wife and she was rushed to the hospital.
Confessing the episode, Rutendo regretted the affair and said she was foolishly led to fall for her step father, “Richard was my step farther and looked after us since I was in primary school after my mother divorced my real father. However I grew to like Richard and I noticed he liked me too.

“I regret this moment since it has led to my mom’s admission to hospital and I do not know how I will face her after she is out of the hospital, it was stupid of me in the first place to date my stepfather” expressed Rutendo.

Called to comment on the matter, Makoni refused to say anything as he also regrets his temper, “I am sorry I will not comment on the issue, I am still in shock of what happened as I do not know what really had gotten into me”, exactly his words.

The wife was admitted to a local Chiredzi hospital while the man is expected to appear in court for domestic violence.

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