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The Desultory Valentine’s of this Year

The month of February has its own blessings from Cupid the god of love. Over the centuries February has been labeled the month of love and yeah, everyone can agree.

Boyfriends and girlfriends, wives and husbands, fiancés, friends and many other lovers open pockets to show some love to their buddies.

Repeating the history of St Valentine’s would be cliché since almost everyone at one time researched on it, the celebrations, deaths, ceremonies, and rituals that led to the foundations of the day of love, 14 February.

The horror is in the imagination of will this year’s Valentine’s be merry like the previous years? Concern is mostly on the dilution of belief, from sharing greetings and love in the old legends to now when material gifts express the most loving of all.

With the coming of COVID 19 to our God gifted planet, all economies went to minus and unemployment became rampant, those working are earning a little for them to see tomorrow, particularly in Zimbabwe.

The question is who will afford all the expensive roses and expensive chocolates or a dinner graced with all appetizing meals?
This year, I’ll say it’s a good year to cry and remember the death of St Valentine since only a few will receive gifts and most of us will be in fantasies.

Some have already started producing heartbreak songs; some have already started making fun of their inevitable sad celebrations. Speaking of music, over the years artists made money with soft and petting songs but this year it seems Cupid has inspired few to no artists, in support, the latest trending song by Kae Chaps titled Juzi expresses heartbroken soul that wishes to return all the belongings of his ex which he says are haunting him. I just hope the girl takes back her jersey, ngaatore juzi rake munhu angafe nekuchema. Chaps expressed all the emotions the song has to hold but that’s unusual of the month of love, however, Kudos to the artist.

Valentine’s Day in the 21st century will go down to history as the worst and infected celebration, maybe by Coronavirus of 2019 or anyhow you may want to put it.

Working with compromises, going back to the ancient norm of sharing greetings and love would be a concession that everyone should understand and hoping the next coming years will be merrier than ever to cover up for the spoilt 2021.

Happy Valentine’s to everyone who’ll read this!

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