Latest fresh details on VP Mohadi’s cheating Scandal

Vice President Kembo Mohadi was reportedly visited by the husband of the woman he is allegedly having an affair with and he accused him of having an intimate relationship with his wife without using protection.

According to the publication, the Vice President was visited by Jacob Mumpande, the husband of Abigal Mumpande, who is being accused of having an affair with Mohadi after he learnt of the 2’s alleged affair.

Abigail Mumpande reportedly works at Mohadi’s office as a junior security officer.

Mumpande was reportedly armed with recordings and nude pictures sent between the 2 in which the VP reportedly said in one of the recordings “I called to say I love you, and I’ll never change my mind”

This was revealed by a source close to the VP who told the publication that:
The vice president just kept apologizing. They left after an hour.

Abbigal was in tears. When Mohadi came out of the house, he had a small amount of blood on his forehead, and his hands were slightly swollen.

It was clear it had become quite physical there with the woman he was with before Mumpande arrived
Abigail’s husband reportedly confronted the VP and there was a shouting incident at the VP’s residence in Glen Lorne that lasted for an hour in which Jacob Mumpande said he was upset and heartbroken.

Mohadi was reportedly driven out of his home by the incident and had to return home a few hours after the quarrel had died down.

VP Mohadi, who divorced his wife Tambudzani Muleya, was reportedly left by his wife Juliet Mutavhatsindi last year for alleged adultery.

Source | ZimLive

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