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Mashurugwi boss exed to death

Machete boss Motion Chinyaure axed in gold fight. Sources say he ran away with some gold the previous night.

Upon being asked to bring the gold, estimated to be over 200 grammes, he came back armed with an axe.

Motion Chinyaure a well-known member of the notorious machete gangs was yesterday afternoon axed to death in the mining area of

He is said to have attacked his eventual murderer only known as Chidha with the axe. After a scuffle, he was overpowered and axed to death.

The suspect is still at large. In the meantime, some members of the gang are helping the police with investigations.

Among them is the well-known George ‘Rambo’ Chikwature . Berina

Below is an old Video of Mashurugwis in Action

Source – zwnews

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