Souljah Love Could not Escape 16 February Twice

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In 2020 on the 16 of February, Souljah Love survived a tragic car accident when his vehicle, a Mini Cooper, overturned.

The accident occurred just after Martin Spur near Kadoma on his way to a show in Kwekwe. Soul Jah Love was lucky to escape from the wreck with only minor visible injuries.

This year the Dancehall star could not take it anymore and the day appeared to be a spelt date and souljah love waved goodbye to the world. Reports say that h collapsed after his sugar diabetes levels were high and he was taken to Mbuya Dorcas hospital where he closed his eyes forever.

Souljah love died on the 16th of February 2021 after surviving a life taking acccident in the previous year on the same day.

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