VP Mohadi Uses Supplements to Satisfy his Lover in Bed

indafrica February 18, 2021
Updated 2021/02/18 at 4:37 PM

The Vice President Kembo Mohadi‘s affair with a married woman Abbigal Mumpande keeps unveiling. A phone call between the two leaked whereby Mohadi was informing his mistress about his feelings.

An unknown source decided to let the cat out of the bag particularly on the sexual relationship between the two. During the phone call the 71 year old Vice President tells his lover how he feels and that he will not back down. From the two phone calls that have leaked it is crystal clear that the Vice President is in love with this married woman. What is more interesting is the part Abbigal asks if Mohadi has consumed the aphrodisiac in preparation for their encounter.

“I have taken two cups. It is not that sour don’t worry,” replies Mohadi as he assures his mistress of the exceptional performance to follow during their rendezvous. Abbigal then laughs and warns her partner that he might overdose. Some security sources confirm that Abbigal and the Vice President would meet at Amanzi Lodge famously known for its exorbitant fairs of USD$240 per night.

Abbigal is married to Jacob Mumpande her workmate at Munhumutapa Building under the Central Intelligence Offices. On Sunday Jacob confronted Mohadi at his house in Harare. Sources also confirm that the Vice President apologised to Jacob and agreed to transfer her from her office so that Jacob and Abbigal can solve their issues.

During the confrontation that is said to have lasted for about an hour, there are rumours of another woman who hit the Vice President on his head. The anonymous lady was hurt by the fact that Mohadi was cheating on her so she hit the Vice President which resulted in him bleeding.

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