MDC A Youths and ZINASU Responsible for Chamisa Downfall

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MDC A youths and Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) are responsible for the big fall of MDC A leader Nelson Chamisa, civic society group leader said.

Abigail Mupambi

Church and Civil society Joint Forum organiser Abigail Mupambi said Chamisa allowed ZINASU spirit to lead a power house, this is where he lost it.

Power politics and student politics differ, one has to be more reasonable, mature and responsible when now in power politics compared to student politics. Stone throwing cannot sustain an alternative government system, not at all.

“Look at the current Obey Sithole and Makomborero’s factional fights; it simply signifies the quality of youth leaders upon which a certain people are looking up to. It’s kids play,” she said

This is why MDC A taking notes from ZINASU they instead of complimenting the urbanites who had voted for them in the 2018 elections they chose to forward the Jecha mantra, that thrive of #hashtags, blackmailing the nation at every turn and cheap propaganda, leaving people trapped between a big rock and a hard surface economically.

Mupambi said this rendered the once powerful movement meaningless, visibly the movement adversely turned into a mafia.

“Cry my beloved motherland. This screw has failed to convert their energy as an alternative force for the people of Zimbabwe” she said.

“We hope and play that in the fullness of time these comrades will eventually realise that Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans are bigger than any individual and institutional interests. In our diversity we ought to work together, find each other and seek to work as compliments and not rivals”

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