People trying to steal Ginimbi’s Coffin as coffin found outside grave

An audio message was circulated on social media Monday morning claiming that the late socialite Genius Kadungure’s coffin has been found in the open space.

We woke up to suddenly find Ginimbi’s box in the open space, a male voice was heard announcing.

The unnamed man, went further to declare that the story is verified.

They even listed several names of close family members who could attest to the report.

They made reference to a picture of a coffin that does suggest Kadungure’s coffin is out of the box.

Source ZimEye however checked with Ginimbi’s brother Clement, who quickly dismissed the story as untrue.

He said:“Ndezvekunyepa izvo.
“Hakuna zvakadaro kunoku– there is nothing like that here .”

He added:“that picture is not even Zimbabwean,” he said.

Clement is widely viewed as the family spokesperson and is cited in numerous interviews since November last year.

The picture being circulated was however found it unconvincing.

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