Sex-starved Woman Cries out for help as Lockdown Bites Hard

The Coronavirus has various effects on people.

A sex starved Mabvuku Tafara lady has cried out for help as lockdown bites hard.

A 32 year old Tafara woman is at odds with his husband over conjugal rights.

Darlington applied for a protection order against his wife Shylet saying she demands too much sex.

Darlington told the court that his wife is violent;

“Your Worship, Shylet is my wife and we have been together for 12 years now. She is violent and abusive and whenever she comes home after work she fights me

“I have tried talking to her in a respectable manner but she is just rude, she demands sex always even when I am tired. I’m being bashed and insulted in front of our kids your Worship

“How can I indulge in sexual intercourse with her when she is abusive?”

In response Shylet said;

“I am opposed to his application your Worship, how can I be protected  from my own husband?

“He is lying, I have never insulted or beaten him as he claims. The issue is that he is denying me sex, so anofunga kuti ndakavingei? Can I go and have sex with outsiders whereas I have a husband at home?

“We sleep like siblings or roommates in our bedroom and on our matrimonial bed. Kana nemiwo. I can’t take it anymore your Worship”, said Shylet.

The presiding magistrate granted peace order in Darlington’s favour.

After having lost the case, Shylet took a video of herself pouring out her heart and telling how disappointed she was in her husband.


Source; Pachopisa.


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