Heartbroken boyfriend demolishes girlfriend’s house after she dumps him

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A prominent businessman from South Africa has left Mzansi in shock after taking his heartbreak to the extremes of leaving his ex-girlfriend homeless. A Twitter user shares the pictures of a double-storey in Kamagugu being demolished by an excavator.

“A business man called in an Excavator and TLB to demolish a house he built for his girlfriend after she broke up with him,” he posts.

Subsequent to finishing the house, the businessman is kicked to the curb by his girlfriend. As the house was in his name and the land in his girlfriend’s name, the heartbroken man acts in rage. Following the rules of commercial law, he demolishes the house which the girlfriend had already put on the market for sale.

However, some do not agree with the businessman’s actions and refer to the ordeal as malicious damage of property.

“Which principle in commercial law abobi? He will pay for the malicious damage. The ancient law is still the same “that whoever owns the land owns what is on it”

It has become a norm for young ladies to play pretend in relationships for selfish gains and unfortunately this girl fails to play her cards right.

“These beautiful stupid girls who think their beauty is everything. Use a stupid man’s money to study or start your own business. Then you won’t have to be in love with business men you don’t love. I need to speak to the ex-girlfriend ngoba usidlisele i-team…2021 we must be home owners…yena udlala ngomuzi wonke. Ey mfana u trending.. Lol FB….. Let’s give the dude bells.. He did wat made him feel good.. So yeah we can’t judge.”

It definitely ends in tears and the businessman continues to trend on social media platforms. Masses however applaud him for not letting the gold digger get away with her actions.

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