Soul Jah Love left new music enough to entertain Zimbabweans for 20 more years

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It seems Soul Jah Love had his fans at heart and prepared a legacy that they will remember him with. Masses are still dealing with the fact that the Zimdancehall King is no more. His songs are relatable to most and it is a good thing that he left enough to keep entertaining his fans even after he is gone.

A Zimdancehall DJ Templeman reveals to Daily News how the late singer still has unreleased music with different record labels. “He left well over 50 songs in different recording studios. We are still compiling the  actual number. The plan is to release at least two songs per year and we will be guaranteed as a country that we will enjoy his music for the next 20 years or so,” he says.

His talent is not going to go with him and his acquaintances are hellbent on making his posthumous career a success.

“It will involve the family of Soul Jah Love, his Conquering Family and the music producers. The good thing is that all the producers that worked with Soul Jah Love are still alive,” Templeman adds.

“People are still mourning and I believe by next month, all the necessary information will be at hand. Imagine what would happen if some music recording companies announced they are launching new Marshal Munhumumwe  or Leonard Dembo songs?” he says.

Prophet Passion Java announces the death of Soul Jah Love last week on Tuesday much to the shock of his fans. Suffering from diabetes for a long time, Saul passed away at only 31 years of age. His burial at Warren Hills Cemetery attracted a huge following showing how much talent the singer had. A lot of young adults are failing to make sense of this huge loss. However since his music still lives on, many might as well find comfort in that.

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