Video: Customer takes off underwear, wears it as a mask in a grocery shop

The new normal has brought about a new concept of lifestyle and having a mask is one of the new styles to vibe through with. We all know people do some crazy stuff and this one fine lady is one of them.

In what seems to be a shocker a clip is making rounds on social media platforms of a white lady customer who pulled off her underwear in a grocery shop full of people and went on to wear it as a mask.

In the clip, one of the employees attends and confronts the lady about why she was not complying with the new regulations. The employee and customers got the shock of their lives when she took off her underwear and masked up with it.

Since the video has gone viral Mzansi has been left in stitches and it has since gained many reactions from Mzansi. The video was first shared by a Twitter user @Kulanicool. It didn’t take time before Black twitter flooded the comment section.

Many were surprised by the bizarre incident and couldn’t believe how the shop employees allowed her in without a mask.

This bizarre incident barely comes a few ago after another video left many puzzled. There was a mild drama at a local restaurant when a young man walked into a restaurant and found his girlfriend with someone else.


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