US based Zim Actresses reclaim full names

The Thandie Newton wave has taken over!

Another United States based Zimbabwean actress Tanya Fear has reclaimed her full name after fellow actress Thandie Newton revealed she desired to be called and addressed by her full name which is Thandiwe Newton.

Tanya Fear has joined the wagon as she revealed that she also would like people to know and understand that her name is Tanyaradzwa fear.

Tanyaradzwa Fear

In a twitter post she said, “So inspired by @thandiwenewton reclaiming her full name.

“My full name is Tanyaradzwa – which means ‘we have been comforted-, I was named this because I was born the year my grandfather died.”

The Los Angeles based filmmaker has acted various films including, Kick Ass2, Arachnids and spotless.

She has also inspired German based Ndebele rapper Awa to reclaim her full name as she quoted her tweet saying, “I’m reclaiming my name, Awakhiwumzohlekaninaloyise Sibanda.”

Thandiwe Newton

Congratulations ladies!! Sithi, AMANDLA!!! (POWER!!!)

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