Hell Commander Mocks Friend Who Died In His Lambo: ‘I Didn’t Force Him To Jump In My Car’

Trevor Mbizvo popularly known as Hell Commander has shocked social media users by not showing any remorse after his friend, Eddie died during the fatal crash that reduced his Lamborghini to ashes on 28 March.

Mbizvo, also known as, Hell Commander was involved in an accident while driving his Lamborghini Huracan, the accident claimed one person identified as Edward Mudekunye referred to as Eddie.

Those of the superstitious persuasion have accused Mbizvo of ‘sacrificing’ his friend. Obviously fed up by the bullying, Mbizvo decided to put some trolls in their place.

Ginimbi’s former manager Shaleen Nullens affectionately known as Ms Shally confirmed that her boyfriend, socialite and businessman Trevor ‘Hell Commander’ Mbizvo was involved in “a terrible accident when he was driving the Lamborghini Huracan.”

Mbizvo then defended his cold response saying, “I’m sick and tired of the abuse. People don’t know the relationship I had with Eddie. We had plans as well. Shit happened and that’s it! I will talk about it after the burial. May his soul rest in peace.”

Pilot who died in Hell Commander’s fiery Lamborghini crash identified
Eddie was a full-time student studying to become a commercial pilot in South Africa.

Mbizvo is not the only one to be bullied over the accident, his girlfriend Ms Shally was the first victim of cyberbullying when the crash happened.

MsShally was accused of practising witchcraft and carrying around a cloud of bad luck over her that will affect everyone she gets in contact with unless she gets cleansed.

Mbizvo who survived the crash with several injuries has been discharged from hospital and is already active on social media.

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