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Taxi driver helps woman give birth on passenger seat

A taxi driver in South Africa helped a woman give birth to a baby as other passengers ran out in terror of witnessing the ordeal.

STOP the taxi, I’m giving birth right now!”

These are the words echoing in the ears of Mthandeni Masuku, who drives taxis from Masangweni area to Empangeni CBD, northern KZN.

Mthandeni, who works under Masangweni Taxi Association, told Daily Sun that he had no choice but to help his passenger Thobile Ntenga (23) to give birth.

“She was sitting in one of the seats behind me when we left Masangweni but along the way she asked to sit in the front. I let her come in the front.

As I drove further she started doing strange things like putting her legs on the dashboard.

“I still didn’t click that she could be in labour. I realised I was about to witness something I’ve never seen in my 21 years of driving a taxi when she screamed at me to stop the taxi and told me that her water just broke.

I asked her if we could quickly drive to the hospital, but she said ‘no the baby is coming out already.’

“I looked around for the passengers to help me but they all ran out of the taxi, except for one who helped me carry her out,” said Mthandeni.

He said when the woman opened her legs, he noticed the baby’s legs were coming out.

“I had no idea what I was doing. I told her to push,” he said.

Mthandeni helped Thobile to deliver a baby girl and rushed them to Queen Nandi Hospital.

Santaco chairman in KZN Boy Zondi said: “We thank the taxi driver for what he did. We encourage others to do the same when they come across such situations.”

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