Latest update on Njuzu suicide scare

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Model and socialite Monalisa Henrieta Chavura popularly known as Njuzu has threatened to commit suicide accusing her love rival Ms Shally of being behind the leak of about four explicit bedroom videos presumably sent to boyfriend Hell Commander. CLICK TO SEE PICS AS HELL COMMANDER IS EXPOSED FOR HAVING SMALL PIPII

The heavily endowed socialite made suicide threats in a veiled post on social media indicating that she is suffering from depression after the embarrassing incident.

Njuzu suggests that Ms Shally has dug her grave by going through her past looking for dirt.

She signs off alarmingly by directing her mother to take of her son and to keep reminding him that his mother loved him.

Depression is Real
Cyber bullying is bad
MsShally I hope you got what you wanted
Digging my past is as good as digging my grave
Please Mom take care of my son & let him know that I love him

The post appears to be a cry for help from the embattled socialite who has faced massive criticism over the leaking of the bedroom videos.

Critics have accused her of leaking the explicit videos herself as part of a well-orchestrated campaign to become famous, an online publication reports.

Njuzu had earlier seemed unfazed by he drama saying she is “low key excited that you got to see chikafu chaTrevor (Hell Commander)”.

Ms Shally, real name Shallen Nullens, made her name as the manager for the late businessman and socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure.

However, in the last few weeks, Ms Shally has been in the news following a much-publicized love triangle with Hell Commander and Njuzu.

On Saturday, Ms Shally announced that she was ending her relationship with Hell Commander because she wanted to focus on herself.

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