See leaked chat of AKA’s wife before death

indafrica April 15, 2021
Updated 2021/04/15 at 4:25 AM

Nellie Tembe’s death is news that touched many South Africans and spoke to many about the mental illness and importance of mental health.

However, before the tragedy, a lot of people saw Nellie as a beautiful happy girl and that she and AKA seemed to be really in love.

Nelli Tembe is known to be highly private and AKA seemed to be her voice to the public but their love started long ago and the two got Mzansi hooked on their relationship.

The 22-year-old who died on Sunday morning refused to be interviewed by any media house while she was still alive, and even placed her social media pages on private in other to avoid being on the limelight, despite dating one of SA most famous rapper.

However, a blog site named Zalebs revealed that they had a chat with Nelli, and a screenshot was shared.

In the chat, Nelli rebuked them for the kind of photos of her used to publish stories about her. “You guys use the worst photos of me – like whyyy,” she said.

Anele further revealed that she doesn’t care what’s being written about her on publications, because that’s what she signed up for – Dating AKA.

Zalebs urged her to do interviews even if she doesn’t like it, as it makes people know who she really is.
However, Nelli refused the invite saying: “ Yeah well, I don’t care about people knowing the real me. My family and I are very private people.”

However, following the ordeal, the family of Nellie Tembe and AKA’s family came together and shared a joint statement that said:

“We are still in shock and are dealing with our emotions, as she was an exceptional and gifted young woman, with so much life ahead of her. She had a sweet nature about her and was always nurturing to those around her.

Her fiancé, Kiernan Forbes, is currently inconsolable and is surrounded by family and closest friends. At this hour of our grief, we humbly request that our families be given privacy and time to heal”.

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