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“We were targeting homosexual men when we introduce Castle Lite” – Former SAB executive

A retired South African breweries executive director admitted the alcohol giant was targeting the homosexual male population when they introduced Castle Lite back in 1994.

“It was a strategic move back then when homosexuality was still a big taboo, I had a homosexual friend who had only come out to me and a few others he hated Castle Lager and I joked about making him a sissy boy drink.

He challenged me to make Castle Lager a bit lighter and that’s what I did and he loved the drink and introduced it to his friends and the rest was history”

The former exec said even the idea of rebranding the beer and using a green bottle in 2000 was also an idea he was given by his friend.

“We couldn’t reveal these details and my friend understand that it could be bad for business considering the homosexual stigma. But the plan works gay people love and appreciate Castle Lite more than anyone.”

Castle Lite was launched in 1994 as the third member of the Castle family.

It has undergone many packaging enhancements – in 2000, the brand was re-launched in a green bottle with a silver and red label, and the 660ml returnable bottle was introduced in 2003.

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